OK, first I must apologize. I did not get a chance to participate in the beta testing for MindManagerPro 7. As such when I first take it for a spin and start finding a few “issues”, which I will call bugs, because I am a consultant and not a programmer, I get curious and want to track them down.

For those of you that are not members of the Yahoo Group for MindManager, I would encourage you to join. If you can not join another group, then I will share with you below some of the results of my findings as a follow up to my last post

Possible MindManager 7 Bug – Small Little thing

My response in the Groups and my new findings ( A couple more bugs) or at least abnormalities.

I attempted to utilize the background(in my initial testing), and transparency settings in the Marketing Strategy Template in a different map. I did not get the same problem when I did that.

So it seemed to be something unique for this map(so far).

But I did just test your(Refering to Nick Dufill’s suggestion to change either the background image, background color, or transparency level) suggestion.

  • When I change the transparency from 35% to 0% the problem goes away.
  • When I change the transparency back from 0% to 35% the problem comes right back.
  • When I change the color of the topic box from light gray to light blue, the problem remains.
  • When I remove the background image (this leaves a gray background) the problem goes away.
  • When I then assign a new different background image, no problem appears. (I tested 5 different backgrounds)

After all those changes, when I put the original background image back into the map, the problem comes back.

So it would seem to be an issue with the background image included with this template.

Then I thought I might try and get smart (you might suspect a mistake coming). ;;)

Pro6 – Same Issue

I opened the file I had saved as a mmap file in MMPro6. I get the same error as in 7. Can’t read the text while typing.

I also noticed that the map layout of this particular map when viewed in MMPro6 was drastically different than in MMPro7. Its a split tree in mmPro7, but when I open it in MMPro 6 it is changed for no reason to a generic map layout where the growth direction is concerned.

That is pretty troubling!

So then I created a new map with a split tree growth direction. saved it and opened it in Pro6 to see if I would lose formatting again.

No re-formatting this time?????

X5Pro possibly incompatible all together (for this file not all maps)

I saved my mindmap based on this template. I then tried to open it with MMX5Pro.

Well apparently that was a bad idea. MMX5Pro crashes when I attempt to open that file. “The instruction at 0x00adff50 referenced memory at 0x0ec5f7c0. The memory could not be read.” Click OK to terminate program.

So that was nice.

MMX5Pro did not have any difficulty opening up the maps in my My Maps folder created with MMPro6. This just happened to be the first file saved my MMPro7 that I had attempted to open with X5Pro. I thought, I hope they are backwards compatible?

So I made a simple map in 7, saved it and opened it in x5pro. No error.

So I am thinking that there must be something intrinsic to that file created from that template.

I thought, maybe its that troubling background again?

So I opened the file again, removed the background image, and saved it with a fresh new file name. Opened it in X5pro and it crashed again with the same error. :-/

I tried creating a couple more maps from random pro7 templates, saving them as mmap files and opening in x5pro. No problems.

Conclusion so far

I think there must be at least 2 issues with that template.

1. Something must not be kosher with the background image -> Creating the error I initially mentioned.

2. Something else must not be kosher somewhere in the files that the template generates, causing an incompatability with X5Pro

3. Bugs are like ants. If you see one bug there are probably more of them somewhere else. ;)