Lots of people talk about the power or uselessness of Flash on the web. The link below to Brittleactica: Planet in need offers some different flash intros, that are almost interactive, and almost make you want to not push the ‘skip intro’ button, which is one of the most selected button on any web page in cyberspace.
I happened to miss clicking the skip intro button on this site, and was bemusedly rewarded with a cow moving at the speed of light.

So this site is probably a veiled message from the milk industry or some such organization, but it points out that flash could be useful ‘almost’ if we can only become creative enough to embrace it and find a useful application that is more efficient than our current forms of text based web surfing.

In this flash example, a suser can start to click on planets and objects in the brittleactica(reference to brittle bones from not drinking milk probably) solar system.

I have to wonder if maybe the usefulness of flash could be applied to lackluster desktop applications. It seems to be wasted in cyberspace for now. Maybe its time will come, bulletin boards and their dial ups took a few years to take off as well.

Brittlelactica: Planet in need