Firefox (which is available for free download from this site) is reviewed by CNET, where they identify some of the more useful functions that can be optimized to get the most efficient web surfing experience. One of the best functions that comes with Firefox is the ability totoggle through multible Tabs of Web Pages as opposed to having multiple windows open, such that you can’t navigate your Windows toolbar anymore. Eliminating the garbage from your toolbar is one of the great things about Firefox.

So when you are ready to leave Internet Explorer user’s in the dust pick up Firefox and don’t forget to check these tips!

Some of the tools that are mentioned include:

PDF Download Optimization options
Java Script blocking and enabling options
FlashBlock– don’t want a flash screen slowing you down? This option puts a play button up, and requires you to push play instead of having to opt out with a “skip intro” click, you can save a click and only opt in when you like
FireTune – helps you optimize your browser according to your connection type (dial up, dsl, T1, Wireless etc.)
Control unwanted animations
Clean up Downloads
Back-Forward Cache
Zap & Bookmarklets

There’s also a couple functions for people that like to experiment with various web software tools:

Start in Safe Mode

These functions allow you to turn off that latest shareware/plugin that you aren’t using after all.

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