This is not my normal type of article. This week I attended the Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nevada. While covering the events for an unrelated site and working with a consulting client, I happened to stumble into a large fire that erupted at the close of the 4+ day event. Below is the article drafted by Joe Klein and edited by myself.
Laughlin River Run Video on Revver

Laughlin River Run Fire on (CNN)

Just as the Laughlin River Run was winding down yesterday afternoon, an unexpected brush fire quickly flared up directly across the Colorado River from Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort.
At approximately 2:30 PM Sunday, smoke and flames were observed near the river adjacent to the Riverside’s Arizona parking lots and camping area. Within minutes several acres had been consumed.
Patrol boats quickly converged on the blaze, as Bullhead City Police Officers detained and handcuffed a male near the scene of the fire.
Within minutes, units from the Bullhead City Fire Department arrived, and began an intensive effort to contain the blaze.
Fire containment took fire units nearly an hour, which consumed several acres of brush, and threatened dozens of vehicles near the river.
Officers removed the detainee from the area, and an investigation into the cause of the fire is now underway.
In 2008 was the 26th annual Laughlin River Run event bringing bikers, vendors and rock groups together for a four day festival. In 2002 more than 100 bikers were involved in a riot and brawl with guns and knives on the casino floor in Harrah’s. Three people died in 2002 and more than 35 were charged.

After I get the video uploaded, I’ll get back to my normal articles for this site. Especially, as I prepare to cover some new uses of MindManager as it relates to web design and SEO marketing. Sorry for the break in normal articles, I’ll get back to the normal stuff and not delay you with off the wall tangents, news stories and stuff for things like acne treatment or things that do not relate to mindmanager or dragon naturally speaking.