I had a bit of a bug showing up on my site at http://www.MavenMappersinformation.com/. I had Revver Widgets installed on the sidebar of the site and the videos from the first widget were not playing. They in fact were creating a 404 page error. This video shows an example of the error. The fix for the error is quickly detailed in a short article here at http://www.top10tech.com/…age-error/

I really like this widget functionality that Revver offers. It enables you to put videos into a play and then run them in a sidebar or other location. But I didn’t even know myself that there was an error until I was trying to show someone an example of one of the videos.
I could see the thumbnails, but was not aware that the videos weren’t playing. When I initially installed them, I installed the widgets one at a time, testing the videos after the install. So the videos initially worked on the first widget, and only broke or stopped working after I installed the second widget.

Fortunately they are all working now. Hopefully the article above will help other people avoid this issue on their own sites. It might even offer up a benchmark for other services like Utterz to benchmark off of this type of thing.
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