I caught up with a review over at top 10 Tech software about a program called eProject.  eProject is an online software program apparently.

see article titled – eProject: The Project Management Tool of the Future (Pt 1) at Top 10 Tech Software


I used to use Microsoft Project religiously, but it’s getting to be a nuisance to pay that much money for a license on a single software program.  I am not a complete web-based software convert by any means, however as a use MindManager so much it almost doesn’t make sense to use Microsoft Project as much as I used to use it.

The review that I read sounded interesting, however well into the site to look at the program I couldn’t find anything to describe how the pricing program worked for this online project management web-based software service.  So I decided to do a little bit more investigating and dropped a note to their customer service department maneuvers more feedback. 

Have you heard of eProject or ever used it yourself?

if yes drop us an e-mail_leave us a comment we like to hear from you about your experiences and how it stacks up against Microsoft Project or how it is or is not compatible with MindManager and