License-to-designBetween now and the end of BlogWorld in mid October, we are going to run a WordPress Theme design contest for new designers or people that want to learn how to design a WordPress theme for the first time.

Both Mac and PC users are eligible to participate.  No purchase is necessary to participate.  All you have to do is download the free trial Artisteer theme design software, install it on your machine and give it a spin.  Send us your finished theme file and you will be entered.  There are multiple ways to enter and multiple ways to win!



1. Go to Artisteer & follow the instructions to download the free trial via Cnet (Mac users navigate to the News tab, scroll down and download the Mac OSx version of Artisteer)



2.  Install the free trial software (works on PCs or Macs) & generate your theme.

3.  Name Your Theme with a Creative Name and

4.  Save your working Artisteer file as a .artx file

5.  Email me your .artx file attached (typically less than .5 mb) to [email protected]

Please make sure you receive a response from me confirming that I successfully received your theme, if you want to use a service like that’s cool too!

Email Requirements:

  1. Your email should include the title WordPress Theme Contest Entry in the Subject,
  2. Entries should include your:
    1.  email address,
    2. twitter ID,
    3. first name and initial of your last name.
    4. Creative Theme Name
  3. If you have a blog or website, please include a link to your URL
  4. I will be posting examples of the themes submitted in the contest in a live preview section of Softduit.  This entry will include your first name and last initial. along with a link to your website & your twitter id


We’re giving away 2 Free Standard Edition Licenses (value $129 ea in cost, value in terms of what you can earn with it MUCH Higher!)

The licenses have been provide courtesy of Artisteer!

First, 1 License will be awarded to the participant with the best looking theme

The best looking theme design winners entries will then be removed from the pool and,

then 1 License will be awarded randomly to all remaining participants.

Drawing Date

October 21, 2009 – 4 days after BlogWorld


Contest Judging & Multiple ways to enter Contest
  • I will judge the best looking themes (ignoring the watermark) & possibly getting some panel help from upcoming tradeshows. 
  • Everyone that submits a theme will get 30 entries per theme for a max of 5 themes or 150 entries.
  • After Submitting Your File, You may gain 1 additional entry per day
  • You may shorten the URL if you like
  • Before the contest ends, I may add additional ways for people to enter so check back to see how things are progressing, and I withhold the right to change the contest rules as necessary, but do not anticipate substantial changes!

Addition Ways to Enter at WordCamp Birmingham, IzeaFest, & BlogWorld

I will be attending WordCamp Birmingham, IzeaFest and Blogworld in the next 30 days.  If you see me at one of these shows, ask me how you can enter this contest on the spot, by designing a theme right then and there for an extra 10 entries!

Note, we started this contest once before in early August.  Technical difficulties(twitter) delayed that contest and entrants from the earlier contest will have their entries rolled into this contest according to the rules of this contest.


If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below. 

If you need any help finding the free trials, I can help point you in the right direction.

Themes will be judged on their design, not on advanced wordpress configuration capabilities from plugins.  Stay posted, we will be looking at intermediate and advanced contests in the future!