I have compiled an Empire Avenue Tips video playlist.  It can teach you some of the basics and some of the things that work on Empire Avenue.  To see this scroll to the bottom, if you would like to read some of the background on how I came to this point, keep reading.

Background on my Empire Avenue Experience

I started using/playing Empire Avenue in August of 2013.  After my 7 year old daughter talked me into playing Subway Surfer on the iPad the year before, I had soon bested all of my Facebook friends and racked up over 2 million points as a high score. I spent hours playing, often while reading audio books.  After a year of subway surfer, I had nothing to show for it.

Enter Empire Avenue

I did want some type of game to play to pass some idle time.  But as a small business owner, I also didn’t want to completely waste the time.  I came across Empire Avenue after speaking with Warren Whitlock, a friend and cohost on our podcast The ZetaMining Show.

Warren is a social media professional.  For me, I enjoy some aspects of social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, but networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc..  Well, those are a bit of a chore.  They are not a great fit for my schedule nor personality.  If I had been more active and aggressive in Social Media, twitter in particular, I might have struggled less at times.

I started dabbling in Empire Avenue at first a year ago, and started taking it serious about 6 months later after having some interesting success with it on YouTube and later Twitter.  I realized that for me, it was a great social media monitoring tool, and a bit of a social media coach or mentor in terms of keeping me active.

Plus, Empire Avenue was disguised as a game.

A full year later, and after about 7 months of being very active, I’d like to share some practical tips about getting started with Empire Avenue.  These tips are for just after you get past the initial account setup and connections.  Following these tips will help you understand some fundamentals of the game, which might enable you to benefit too.  If nothing else, they will help you play the game a little better.

Notice, I’m not promising any results in terms of social media.  How you operate in social media, how you communicate with people and what you choose to communicate are very big trump cards and Empire Avenue, while useful in several ways, will not likely fix social media mis steps nor will it screw up the things you do right.

I do think that Empire Avenue can amplify what you do in Social Media and only you can figure out how to focus that energy!

Understanding this social media gamification platform

Have an Empire Avenue Tip of your own?
I would love to hear some of your own ideas, strategies or lessons learned about Empire Avenue.  If you have additional videos for EA yourself, I’d also like to see them and possibly add them to this playlist!