Hollywood announced a new alliance with Qflix in January.  The alliance would utilize an alternative to the CSS technology that is used to secure current DVD movies.  Hollywood is concerned that opening up home computers to allow the use of CSS locking technology might promote the piracy of DVD titles.  Computers have the key to unlock to play but not to unlock to burn.

So the new alternative provides a different type of key that would allow movies download from services like CinemaNow, Movielink and Amazon.com to encrypt and lock  the movie onto a DVD without opening a Pandora’s box that might allow users to copy other physical DVD’s.

It appears the technology would require device makers (computer and DVD player manufacturers) to incorporate this new technology, which points to an upgrade for consumers.

The benefit could however allow consumers to download and burn movies.  They could even go to retailers with access to vast libraries of out of print TV shows and movie titles where a show or movie could be burnt on demand within 10-15 minutes.