I attempted an experiment on Sunday.  I wanted to see if I could drive and write with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 at the same time. 

Safety was my primary goal, so I utilized a hands free microphone, similar to one that I have for my cell phone.  I strapped my laptop down to a table top attached to the passenger’s seat and powered my laptop with a DC converter.

Here’s a video of the mobile transcription experiment as well as some of the results:

Here’s what I initially wrote as I got started

I am getting ready to take off in my van. I have Dragon Naturally Speaking preferred 9 running on my laptop which is strapped down to a table top attached to my passenger seat.

I’m backing out of my driveway right now looking backwards what you were going to be very careful.

I kind of look at this like I’m dictating what I’m doing to get warmed up before I start writing a few e-mails.

Alright I’m headed down the road, I just turn off my wireless on my laptop. I figure there’s no reason to confuse my computer while it attempts to transmit to a WiFi router that’s not there. I’m going over a set of railroad tracks right now(note that didn?t get transcribed correctly so I had to edit it 😉 ) I was curious to see how a shaken up computer tends to work with Dragon Naturally Speaking, and all in all it didn?t do bad.

So I’m heading to a client’s house to help them establish three things:

  1. An e-commerce website including a business front contact information policies such as privacy policy returns and warranty policy and more
  2. A shopping cart
  3. And a professional business blog which they will use to provide tutorials for the products that they sell (they offer a wholesale storefront for remodelers and in addition to everything else they’re going to show visitors how to install some of the products they sell, make repairs or even maintain DIY equipment and tools.)

So I loaded up my car with all the essentials, my laptop, my projector, a TV tray to put any of those things on if I need extra space.

As I am driving on the road, I realize that I forgot a couple things like a blank CD or blank DVD, I plan on recording a few videos of the tutorial that I’m going to create for them and I want to give them the DVD at the end of it so that they can go back and watch lessons over again if they need a reminder on any of the things I will be training them on as we establish their site. This will also establish a good record of what they did and why they did it in case they need to make a change in the future.

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