I have been using MindManager for years and more recently Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. For a couple weeks, I have intended to put together a video demonstrating the use of MindManager under the control of Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.

Think of it, you are in a meeting with a group of people and you naturally turn to MindManager to brainstorm or document the notes from a meeting. MindManager can help groups come to a consensus faster, but the speed of the MindMapping transcriptionist becomes the bottleneck.

So it would be tremendous if you as the moderator could have your words transcribed as they are spoken and better yet if they could be organized into a mindmap too!

Well the reality falls a little short of the dream, in this demo. Its only my second or third attempt at mind mapping by voice recognition. However, it does show a great deal of potential.

Take a look at this video if you would like to see some of that potential and witness some of the challenges.

After making the video I have learned that the command structure for Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 and MindManager Pro 6 have some minor incompatabilities.

  1. Using the Commands ‘Enter’ and ‘Insert’ doesn’t work well nor naturally in DNS 9, It should be something like New Topic and New Sub-topic.
  2. You can edit within a topic, but once you move on to another topic DNS loses its memory. That would definitely need some improvement.
  3. Users have to remember to use the prefix commands ‘Press’ and ‘Keystroke’ for many keys.
  4. I couldn’t find anyway to say function keys like F5 or F3

I’m sure there are more but those are probably the most important items.

The Article that I reference in the video is from Chris Garrett’s free ebook titled Killer Flagship Content. If you have a blog or are considering a new blog or looking for a direction for your blog, I would highly recommend considering some of the strategies in this ebook.