Below is an excerpt that I dictated while recording the embedded video. I wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to utilize Dragon Naturally Speaking within Dream Weaver. This is just a test of the text editing capability in Dream Weaver and not a test of my ability to code html or any other programming language in Dreamweaver.

Transcription follows

Hello this is a test to determine if I can use Dragon Naturally Speaking with Dreamweaver for Macromedia and I’m using Dreamweaver eight from the studio eight bundle.

I do a great deal of work writing is a freelance writer, and I often times need to include a little bit of HTML coding for example I sometimes need hyperlinks embedded in the text. If I use Microsoft Word, the HTML is created with a great deal of buggy code and it’s just not acceptable for publishing on the Internet. I like to use Windows live right or however it’s only good for using or writing that is one article at a time. Sometimes I like to write several articles and row especially if I’m writing a series of articles on the same topic.

The ability to use Dragon Naturally Speaking and Dreamweaver essentially using Dreamweaver in this case is a text editor even though that’s extreme under kill for Dreamweaver’s capabilities. I do use Dreamweaver extensively for my web design work and also I use it for FTP purposes and a number of other helpful reasons.

As I’m writing this document I am noticing that I do not have all of the capabilities are normally would to edit text. You probably noticed that I had a little difficulty selecting some of the words in the last paragraph. The selection didn’t cover the entire word that I was looking to select and I was unable to edit it once I had selected it.

In addition when I state that I needed a ‘new paragraph,’ it gives me an extra line in between as opposed to the single line that I’m looking to get in between each of these paragraphs.

You’ll notice I just did some manual editing with the keyboard even though when you’re working with Dragon Naturally Speaking you tend to want to use your voice alone most of the time sometimes it’s just more practical to revert to the keyboard. Sure it’s possible to use just your voice (when you’re not working in Dreamweaver) however why not use all the tools that are available to you including the mouse the keyboard and your voice.

I think this is the wrap up my attempt at trying Dragon naturally speaking with Dreamweaver all in all I think it was successful and I do think I will use this in the future.