I’m working on my second day of blogging with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

And to give you an example I’m going to write this entire post without performing any edits or corrections.  Overall I’m very impressed with the software.  It is extremely fast and that was the primary reason why look for it or purchased that is.  It is also very accurate.


The company indicates that it should be about 99% accurate.  I haven’t tested the percentages yet, but I suspect it’s a little as the 99%.  That said it is probably better than my typing percentages which are historically around 97 to 98%.  I know my typing percentages because I worked for years in data entry while I was going to college originally and I know I’m not keep track of that and it’s just the something that stuck with me over the years.


All in all I really like the program because I can dictate or compose without having to look at the screen the entire time.  I can touch type just fine in type 7080 words a minute subtitle faster.  I find myself looking at the screen wide type.  That increases my level of weariness throughout the day as I stare at the screen too long and forget to look away and take breaks.  Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I can compose without looking at the screen in fact as I’m composing this right now I’m working on a second computer with doing some housework.


I’m still in the early days of the learning curve based on the reviews I’ve read online.  From what I understand it typically takes about a week at least before a person gets used to composing my speaking.  Plus I’m still building up the training of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for my user profile.  The mistakes that you see in this blog article I would normally go back and correct so that the program could learn the individual words or combinations of words that made a mistake with.


However on day two I wanted to give you a sense of how accurate the composition was with voice recognition without any edits.  This would not be an apples to oranges comparison with touch typing and composing as if I’d made a mistake while I was typing I would edit and correct that as well but to give you a sense of the types of edits you have to do with voice recognition I’m leaving them in within this document.


All in all the additional speed deadeye a have benefited from what this program and the ability to rest more and multitask makes it well worth the money.  I do believe that as I build up my user profile with more training and as I become more accustomed to composing while speaking that’s this tool will become extremely useful for me.


The Big Negative

the headset and microphone that come with the product, and I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred nine, works exceptionally well and is very high quality.  However it is not very comfortable.  Maybe I have a big head or something, but it tends to pinch a little too much and it doesn’t form to fit my head is what nicely as I would like it to do.  Now that I trust the software to do what it’s supposed to do I suspect I may invest the money in a more comfortable headset microphone combination.



Note. Many of the mistakes or garbled sentences that you see above resulted in part from either a mistranslation or from my own stuttering speech as I was thinking of something new to say.  The software does allow me to edit my voice as well which I haven’t mentioned previously.  The edit my voice capability does work extremely well at literally do not need to use a mouse or keyboard most of the time when I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  As I said before I left in the errors so that you can see what it looks like on the very first pass of a draft document.  Tomorrow I do a day three review give you an example of what a document looks like post at it with voice commands no mouse or keyboard included.


Special note for WordPress users or Windows live writer I can’t seem to select the categories button so I’m going to hit the categories button with the mouse can use the other commands in the menu functions to actually publish this document up to my website which is a WordPress website but I use Windows live writer published.  So Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred nine does allow you to dictate straight into Windows live writer in case anybody was happening happen to be curious about that.