In therapy and rehabilitation clinics it is often useful for people to work at expressing their feelings and experiences.  Some of this is done in behind closed doors with a psychiatrist, and sometimes this is done in group sessions.  Keeping personal journals and now even blog journals is rapidly becoming a good way for people to express their feelings.

Expressing feelings completely provides some relief for people that have never had the opportunity to express themselves successfully in the past.  Sometimes they do not have the ability to express themselves directly to a counselor or within a group.  A personal journal allows them the security of keeping their thoughts somewhat private while still getting many of the benefits of self expression and disclosure.

There are many drug rehabs  that enable and encourage this type of behavior but sometimes the patients do not have the typing or even the writing ability to express themselves clearly and in the way they intend.  Utilizing a voice recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking can provides patients with a stress free and easy way of capturing their thoughts almost as fast as they come into consciousness.  They can then rapidly gain the ability to record their thoughts on a computer or even on a blog.  They may not be able to type, but now they can also communicate through mediums such as email.

The goal of this type of therapy is to let thoughts flow freely without burdening or stressing a patient out with the effort and level of work required from writing with a pen or pencil or typing on a keyboard, acts that can be very intimidating for people that do not have this skill.