Several months back I was using a number of

typing test programs to attempt to measure just how fast Dragon NaturallySpeaking could capture my words.  I had forgotten about it, however I had cranked up to speed on Dragon NaturallySpeaking and decreased the accuracy.

There is actually a slider tool within the options that enables you to do this.  Over the last couple of months I seem to have noticed a slight degradation of my quality and had chalked it up to my laptop getting old or something.  But I came across a tip to adjust the speed and accuracy settings with a slider bar and after making the correction I’m seeing a very big improvement in my accuracy.

When I’m composing words for things that are right, I don’t necessarily need to be able to speak at 160 words per minute, but I do need to be accurate and so I just slid down one notch and I’ve seen a huge improvement.

Here’s how you can do the same thing:

  1. Go to your tools menu
  2. then you’ll need to select the options item
  3. next you’ll need to pick the miscellaneous tab
  4. Halfway down the window you will see the option that offers up speed versus accuracy
    1. fast-vs-accurate-dragon-naturally-speaking-options
  5. choose the level that best suits your needs, if you need things to be a little more accurate I’d advise moving one notch at a time and trying it out, and the same goes for trying to get a faster response.
  6. Once you’ve made your selection hit apply and then the okay button and you’re done!

Maven’s in Las Vegas

Next month I will be traveling to Las Vegas for BlogWorld, bloggers from all over the country will be turning out for this particular trade show, which is actually combined release three possibly for different trade shows in the one big trade show.This time around I won’t be staying at Paris Paris in Las Vegas, but instead I’ll be splitting my time at two different hotels, tonight at the Stratosphere and two nights at the Hilton an even balance of economic savings and convenient location.

If you happen to be planning to make the trip to blog world, please feel free to drop me a line, I’d be happy to meet with you at the show.