This month is drawing to a close and I have been writing a novel using Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 and my pocket Sony MP3 Recorder.  This setup has worked fantastically for me.  Its about 26 hours until the deadline for NaNoWriMo expires (and I’m writing another blog article instead of finishing the contest).


To date I have written 45,022 words. It takes 50,000 words to finish the contest.  I’m almost done, and only need 5,000 words to finish.  I write that much today in three sessions (10 minutes, 10 minutes and 23 minutes).

I will probably finish tonight before I go to bed. Tomorrow, we are hitting the road for a Thanksgiving drive back from Illinois to North Carolina.  I could write quite a bit during that drive, but I’m not sure if I can concentrate with Scooby Doo playing on the kids DVD player in my ear.

Plus, I need to insure that I get the book loaded up into the system and confirmed before the midnight deadline tomorrow night.

Anyway, if you look at my chart above, you will see the ‘lurches’ in my writing activity.  That is not because I worked diligently everyday, completing 1700 words per day.  No, with Dragon and my poor habits and lack of planning and good distractions from the family, tend to miss a few days and then write several thousand words.

I often feel like I actually start writing after I’ve thought about a chapter or scene or two for a couple of days and then the idea just spills out of me as I write it up in a burst of 2-5 thousand words.  🙂

I suspect that the book I’m writing will actually end up being about 250,000 words, so its going to be a long fun winter.