Nuance the company behind the top voice recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, now supports with their voice recognition software.  The combination of with a voice recognition input system will open the door for the type of productivity gains in the sales world that have been propelling the legal and medical world.

Sales people and sales support staff will now be able to update customer records and detailed customers notes using voice recognition from Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 9 provides users with the ability of capturing words at a rate of 160 words per minute with an accuracy rate of 99% (96% if a handheld recorder is used instead of using a microphone with a computer or laptop.   Its amazing just how much a $99 – $199 program can save so much time for its users. 

Just think how much you could get done if you could type 3 times as fast and never get tired.

Nuance – News – Press Releases – 2007