After using Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 for several months now I have come to learn that DNS9, requirs a tune up about every 3-4 weeks. I use the speach recognition system extensively and probably dictate close to 50,000 words per month.

Instead of getting more accurate, however the software seems to get confused and loses its way over time. So I run through a simple process to give it a tune up. I simply perform a single training session and it seems to reset the system. Keep in mind that I am not deleting my DNS9 user, I’m not dumping my library or anything like that. In fact I train and add words as I go religiously. It just seems that the program gets buggier as time goes by.

Here’s a demonstration of what I go through to train the software and give it a tune up. This video is edited down and doesn’t show the full process that takes about an hour. This is just a few minutes long and you may want to fast forward through certain sections if you are looking for specific how to answers.