I just came across an interesting video example Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  People often wonder just how well Dragon NaturallySpeaking might work if they have an accent.  They also have concerns that they might have to excessively train Dragon NaturallySpeaking in order to get a decent result.


Just click on Tools in the Dragon Naturally Speaking menu and select, Accuracy Center for all sorts of options and tools to further improve your accuracy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It works great out of the box with just 7 minutes of training, but is flat out amazing with a little more tuning!

This video shows a user that has a bit of an accent, more so with some words than with others, and they are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking without having trained it at all.  This is a type situation that you would want to use the software for, you would want to use it after you a trained it.  You can actually get very good training results with only seven minutes of training time, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking will continue to improve as you use it more.

Plus, if you go into the tools menu, you can select the accuracy center and gauge and many more activities that will train the software to run even faster and more accurately than it does out-of-the-box.  So as you watch this video, consider that this is definitely not an ideal situation, but even in this less than ideal situation the program still does fairly well.

You will definitely see it makes the mistakes in this particular video, because it has not been trained at all in the user does have an accent.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking does support many different accents with version 10.  So you can imagine just how well the software is going to work after this user trains the software, and after they set up the software to work with their particular accent.

Now this particular speaker is probably speaking a little too slowly for optimal results. The slow speech could be a result of being brand new to using the program or it could be the result of slow English speaking in general. We do not all have to speak super fast like we have Ferrari parts for vocal chords, but if you speak relatively slowly in general, then you may want to reconsider this product, or at least test drive it first. 🙂