DNS 10 Tips! Every now and then, you will select something and then decide that you do not need to change or edit it.  To remove the election, simply say ‘Unselect That’ – For me this is typically followed by the command to “Move to End’” (of document) or “Move to End of Line” so that I can then resume my writing.

I just came across this YouTube video, in french I believe.  It shows a person destined not to be the Last Dragon trying to get rid of his keyboard.  I will let you watch and learn if he is successful or not.

That said, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 does not promise to eliminate your need of a computer keyboard any more than a mouse does.  Its not snake oil promising to eliminate acne, its just another great tool that can be applied to leverage the power and speed of your brain, your voice and all that processing power available in computer systems today.

I still use my own keyboard a great deal, but Dragon does save me from having to use it for everything.  My hands and wrists get more breaks.  I even lift weights sitting at my desk while I write from time to time.

But the majority of the time, I’m using Dragon and multi-tasking, either working on a different computer, browsing the internet and taking notes with dragon, or engaging in other activities.  So in this regard it truly enables me to do many things at one.



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