Today, Nuance is launching Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.  When Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 was created, the program delivered on the promise and expectation of rapid digital transcription.  Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is striving to surpass transcription and enable writers to tackle written composition.

There is a difference in reciting or transcribing words as compared to composing them.  With the older versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking (8 & 9), a user had to pretty much know in their head what they intended to say or write.  The feedback they received on the screen came too slow and too late to help guide their composition.

dns10 When we type on a keyboard, the words appear on the screen as fast as we can push a button or series of buttons.  With DNS9 the words would appear in batches several seconds after the words were spoken.  They were ‘transcribed’ very very accurately and in total it was possible for the computer and the program to keep up with a speech rate of up to about 150 words per minute (I’ve clocked it faster, but 150 words per minute is what they advertise.)

With Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, Nuance has increased both the recognition or transcription speed, and they have cut the speed from the time a word is spoken until that word shows up on the screen by almost 50%.  That means the feedback of the word reaching the screen has increased significantly, enabling users of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 to potentially utilize DNS 10 as a composition tool and not just a transcription tool.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10 by Nuance

As I write this Nuance is pushing out the new pages on their website for the launch of the product.  One of those pages helps to emphasize the speed benefits that a person gains by leaving their keyboard behind and moving to Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.  Its a very useful comparison that lets you see how much faster you could type with DNS10 versus how quickly you type now.

That’s very cool, but even cooler, for writers, creative writers, business writers and even Dragon Naturally Speaking users from past versions is the promise of being able to SEE a composition unfold before your eyes at speeds that are starting to match the speed of your own brain. 

For existing Dragon Naturally Speaking users, they do offer an upgrade rate for the software.

I sure enjoy working with this product, much more than my days spent at Motorola working with 2 way radios.  🙂