Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10 by Nuance

Here’s a quick little tip for working with Dragon Naturally Speaking and Mobile Recording Devices such as the Sony IC Recorder line of Pocket USB recorders.

Before you run Dragon Naturally Speaking 10’s ‘Transcribe’ function on a file stored on your device, simply copy the file over to your computers hard drive.

Then you can run the transcription!


There are several benefits to taking this simple step:

  1. It increases the speed and accuracy of the transcription as the computer can work directly from the hard drive as opposed to running through USB
  2. It decreases the potential for communications issues if your computer temporarily loses a USB connection
  3. MOST IMPORTANT! – If you want to edit a text file transcribed from an MP3 file using DNS 10, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 will enable you to continue to playback your original voice file as long as it knows where that file is.  If you accidentally or purposefully remove your device from the computer, you will not be able to ‘Play that Back’ and hear the original voice and confirm the accuracy of words or even train Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 for any new words used.
    1. This is even more important for people new to using recording devices as in my experience Dragon Naturally Speaking needs to learn your voice in a mobile device a bit more, and in the early days it will take a little extra training to get mobile device transcription accuracy levels up to or close to the same level of accuracy as when you talk straight into your computer.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10 by Nuance


There you have it, another day another tip, with a service that can save you tons of time, energy and money which you can use to pay bills, save for retirement, upgrade your air conditioner for coming global warming events (focus on the ac compressor) or whatever you need.