100_0147 I’d like to share with you a new experience I’m trying this evening. I am staying at the Doubletree Hotel in Birmingham Alabama. This is a very nice hotel, and I highly recommend it. Right now, I’m sitting in the tub of the hotel that’s not normally something I would share in an article.

I promise not to share your pictures nor any video in this blog article, I would like to explain how I typed this article. You see I’m sitting in the tub with a headset on, and I’m using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 to dictate an article to my computer which is sitting on the counter top.

This isn’t something that I do all the time. In fact, this is the first time that I’ve ever tried this. I have thought about using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 lot was in the hot tub before, but those can be a little noisy, and I never feel much like work.

Today however, after a long day of travel, I’ve been driving from Charlotte North Carolina to Birmingham Alabama all afternoon, I needed to relax a little bit and soak in the tub. That said, whenever I do that when I’m traveling on business, I always feel guilty because I’m not getting any work done.

If I were on vacation, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Then again, if I were on vacation, I have my kids here with me, and I doubt I’d feel the relax much at all. I love my kids, and I enjoy going on vacation with the family, but it’s not necessarily a relaxing event.

So this evening as I was contemplating mixing a guilty pleasure with business travel, I realize that I may have a compromise solution that literally enables me to enjoy the best of both worlds. So I wired up my computer in the bathroom, ran my noise canceling microphone set from the computer to the tub, and I started to get some work done.

To pull this off successfully, I opened up Microsoft Word and set the zoom level to 300%. I couldn’t dictate without looking, but I wanted to try and edit my words as I typed. To do that from 10 feet away, I wanted to have the zoom level set in a comfortable height. I could probably get away with 200% but I figured 300% would be comfortable.

100_0148 I also made sure that my computer couldn’t get wet in any kind of way, and I ensure that I couldn’t electrocute myself as that would be a real bummer and definitely decrease my productivity. πŸ™‚

Now as I sit here dictating this article to you, suddenly realize that this is a great way to type. It’s easy, relaxing, and definitely a good way to collect your thoughts while sharing them at the same time. When I first started thinking about writing this article, I thought it might be kind a cute gimmick. Now that I’ve been trying it for a few minutes, I think it’s one of the better ideas I’ve had this month. πŸ™‚

So if you find yourself traveling a lot, maybe you’re attending a number of trade shows and walking your feed to the bone through the airports, you might consider treating yourself to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 so that you too can kick back and relax in the tub at night when you get back to the hotel, and still get great deal of work done. More productivity, more comfort, and no guilt whatsoever, that’s what Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s doing for me this evening.

Maybe to take this to a new extreme, I will try and write an article next month while painting the interior of my house and doing a few other upgrades here and there maybe installing farmhouse sinks and staining some of our new wood work. For that, I may just try out the bluetooth capability of Version 10 and setup my laptop in a safe spot (away from paint drips) and then go to town multi-tasking.

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