Andrew Smith, from the Tech blog of the Dallas Morning News added a few important points about the imminent release of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, in addition to our own article on the topic earlier today titled, “Wait Until August 7th- Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Here in 8 days!

Andrew writes,

It starts shipping on August 7 and has support for Bluetooth headsets. Here are some of the other promised improvements:

• 20% more accurate than Version 9.
• Significantly improved speed. Words now appear on screen in less than half the time.
• New Dragon Voice Shortcuts. Now you can collapse common tasks into simple voice commands so you can quickly search the Web and your desktop.

TECHNOLOGY Blog | The Dallas Morning News

imageWe got so caught up in giving everyone the heads up about the product and when it will be available that we forgot to mention one of the coolest things about Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.  Its going to support BlueTooth.

Even as I write this article my own old fashioned wired noise cancellation headset wires have gotten tangled up again in the wheels on my office chair. 


One of these days those wheels are going to cut the chord in a bad way, but with the new version, I’ll be able to go wireless.  That means I’ll be able to relax that much more, without getting myself all tangled up.  On more than one occasion I have just about jerked my laptop off my desk when I pulled, turned or twisted the wrong way.  Soon that will just be a funny memory of the past with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.

I’m starting to get excited about this new product launch. Haven’t looked forward to something like this since I was in high school awaiting the latest and greatest acne treatments to hit the shelves. OK, well maybe that is an exaggeration, but I am definitely looking forward to an easier to use and faster program!