In previous examples(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), I walked you through the logic that shows that you can pay for Dragon NaturallySpeaking in just over a half a day, with the extra earnings that you would receive if you write for Dragon NaturallySpeaking can help you type so much faster, that you can earn a lot more money per hour.

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In this article I’m going to walk you through another scenario focusing on how much extra you could earn if you wrote for Now at, the amount of money that you earn for your writing is not paid on a per word basis.

clip_image002 offers up opportunities, they call them opportunities, but you can also think of them as piecework or a job, and these "opportunities" typically have a minimum word count. The minimum word count is typically 200 words for your average article. In general the average article at PayPerPost on a high earning blog pays about $28. Sometimes they pay a little less, and sometimes they pay a little bit more.

Now if you are paid $28.00 to write a 200 word article, which breaks down to about 14 cents per word. That is about 200 times more than what you can make at I mentioned that only for comparison purposes, because limits you to writing three articles per blog per day. That means that you can’t write there all day long for your single blog. (If you have additional blogs, you might be able to write additional articles on those other blogs.)

But if we assume, just to have a comparison to our example, if we assume that you could type articles at PayPerPost for fifty minutes straight, earning 14 cents per word, and you could type 35 words per minute, and then you could earn a $245 dollars per hour at PayPerPost. Now obviously, there’s not that much work there, but this does point to the rate at which you can earn things with the work that is available. That $245 would be the earnings you could make from about 8.8 Opportunities at $28 per Opportunity.


So bear with me with this example. 🙂

So what can faster typing skills do to help you earn more money and PayPerPost?

Well if you could type at 150 words per minute with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and you currently type at 35 words per minute, then you could earn about $805 per hour more!

Reminder – This would assume that you could type articles nonstop at a hundred and fifty words per minute for fifty minutes. For most of us, that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

But to put this in better perspective, if you earned $245 from writing about nine articles, and those articles were each 200 words long, then you would have written a total of 1800 words.

  • 1800 words can be typed and 50 minutes at 35 words per minute
  • 1800 words can be typed in 12 minutes at 150 words per minute


Dragon NaturallySpeaking can essentially save you 38 minutes when you write nine articles.

Now with those additional thirty-eight minutes, you can spend more time:

  • promoting your blog,
  • networking with people,
  • researching other projects,
  • taking on other work from other networks
  • building up a new blog to command $28 per article!

You can pocket your $245 from twelve minutes worth of work. You can then spend the rest of that hour, working to ensure that the blog you publish those on performs very well. But the point is this, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can save you so much time, that it will pay for itself very quickly.

Your average part-time blogger may easily afford to pay for Dragon NaturallySpeaking with the additional profits that they would earn from using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in less than 30 minutes worth of blogging.


Plus just think of all of the time, that you would now have to make yourself and your site even more successful!

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Or download the full report in this pdf white paper

Download the Full white paper

Dragon Naturally Speaking Cost Benefit Analysis Across 4 Different Blog & Writing Monetization Platforms W
hite Paper
(871.4 KiB, 333 hits)

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