In previous examples(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6), I walked you through the logic that shows that you can pay for Dragon NaturallySpeaking in just over a half a day, with the extra earnings that you would receive if you write for Dragon NaturallySpeaking can help you type so much faster, that you can earn a lot more money per hour.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Cost Benefit Analysis Across 4 Different Blog & Writing Monetization Platforms White Paper (871.4 KiB, 333 hits)

In this final article I’m going to walk you through a new scenario, focusing on how much more money you could earn if your blog earns money (‘good money!’) from Google’s Adsense program. Now with Adsense, the amount of money that you earn for your writing is not paid on a per word basis. It’s paid either based on the number of visitors that view your articles (CPM) or based on the people that click on ads on the same page where your article is published (PPC).


Regardless, the more people and traffic you have, the better your chances for more conversions and earnings with Adsense.

Bad Fishing Analogy – More articles, basically equates to more hooks in the lake to catch earnings.

So what can mad typing speed skills do to help you earn more money from Adsense?

First, here’s a list of some assumptions for this scenario. We will assume that an Average Traffic Blog has the following characteristics:

· CPC earnings of $0.31 per click (this can depend on site topic)

· Each article written generates 20,000 page views during the first 60 days after publication of an article

· Articles are on average 200 words long (long enough to be unique and be recognized by Google Search as unique)

· Articles will see a click through rate of .0041 or 0.41%

So if a person writes 5 articles totaling 1,000 words in length, those 5 articles should generate 100,000 page views x a click through rate of .0041 = 410 clicks x $0.31 = $127.10 of earnings!

You are doing great, how about learning how to do this faster and easier!

If you write more articles, your site in general will bring in more total page views and some of that traffic will even look around your site, read more, and maybe subscribe. Your page views will grow and your Adsense earnings will grow as well. Not to mention your earnings from other forms of advertising will go up also!

To make a good business decision, you have to determine how to get there from here.

So if you find a way to generate more articles -> more page views –> more earnings, well then you have done something right.

One component of the cost of those articles is the time you spend writing them. If you type at 35 words per minute for 50 minutes at a stretch taking a 10 minute break and then repeating that process for 4 hours, You will have written 35 articles of 200 words at the end of 4 hours.

Publishing those articles based on our assumptions will generate 700,000 page views. Those Page views will generate 2,870 clicks, and that will earn you $895.60 per day (for 4 hours of work).

That’s a little almost than $225 per hour. You might be internet famous, but who cares, you are earning good money!


The key is that it took you 4 hours to write 35 articles at 35 words per minute.

If you use Dragon Naturally Speaking you could write 150 articles in 4 hours with 10 minute breaks.

That would generate 3,000,000 page views translating into 12,300 clicks and earnings of $3,838 or about $960 per hour, if you weren’t before you will be internet famous now!

It also happens to be about 4 times more than you would earn if you only type 35 words per minute.

Now Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 costs between $99 and $199. (discount and promo accounts can save you $25 and $50 respectively if you buy before December 31)

At this point I’m not even going to go any further with this cost analysis. You can pay for Dragon Naturally Speaking in the amount of time it takes one of your readers to read your article!

It’s definitely a no brainer.

Now, for a reality check. Odds are you may not be able to sit down and write article after article for more than an hour at 150 words per minute, your brain will run out of material!

But the articles that you can write can be written much faster than you could before, and you CAN use that time to do many other things to grow your site and your earnings Go out and have some fun.


So to put this in better perspective, if you wrote 9 articles, and those articles were each 200 words long, then you would have written a total of 1800 words.

  • 1800 words can be typed in 50 minutes at 35 words per minute
  • 1800 words can be typed in 12 minutes at 150 words per minute

Dragon NaturallySpeaking can essentially cut your work load down by 1/5th!

Now with those additional thirty-eight minutes, you can spend more time:

  • promoting your blog,
  • networking with people,
  • researching other projects,
  • taking on other work from
    other networks
  • Sell advertising additional advertising on your site. At 3 million page views per day, you can probably charge $10 – $80k just for a banner ad!
  • The only reason why you are even fooling with Adsense at all is so that you can keep your operation lean and mean and avoid hiring an ad sales team.

You’re Done, Success Achieved. J

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Or download the full report in this pdf white paper

Download the Full white paper

Dragon Naturally Speaking Cost Benefit Analysis Across 4 Different Blog & Writing Monetization Platforms White Paper (871.4 KiB, 333 hits)

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