As I continue my test with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I have recently come up with a list of several words that dragon was unable to interpret correctly. Some of these are rather humorous and some of these are little off-the-wall but I thought I’d share it in context with several of my other reviews.

I should point out that in each of the cases were these mistakes of come up I’ve gone into trained Dragon to get right the next time, and that usually works. On occasion Dragon is completely unable to differentiate between some words. I think you might see some reasons for this based on the words in this list and the way they sound compared to the words that should have been chosen by Dragon.

The list will contain the words that dragon chose incorrectly, and the words that dragon should have chosen instead.

  1. Videos on rubber vs Videos on Revver
  2. Rubber Account vs Revver Account
  3. Butter and returns vs better in regards
  4. See Alice pills vs Cialis pills
  5. eight Mr. he vs a mystery
  6. apologize for that in a dance vs apologize for that in advance
  7. beat us typical vs the occipital
  8. verb raw vs vertebra
  9. in the this vs Adidas

Note. There were a couple mis-translations that would not have been appropriate for this blog. 😉
I have also noticed that Dragon NaturallySpeaking does not work well with some HTML editors that have WYSIWYG text editor’s such as Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver.