I create a large number of video tutorials for using Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.

Some of them located here

Today, I created one showing how to use a simple tool that can be very powerful when you need it in special circumstances, its the Dictation Box. Its not something that you would want to use all the time for all dictation, but when you are working with dictating to an html editor or even on to a pdf form or internet form, it can be very handy.

I will provide an alternate video from Revver (once Revver has my upload approved). Revver provides video sharing of a higher quality without charging for band width. The new video should be ready in about 12 hours. In the mean time, I’m off to the gym to put in some time on the ellipticals (too much leaf burning going on today to run outside) and then back home to cook out some food on the grill. Hopefully the video will be ready by then.

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