As I’m writing this (You guessed it with DNS9!), I am just about through Chattanooga, and soon I’ll be heading into the Tennessee Mountains. Going by Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain. I’m heading to my cousin’s home in St Louis and then a wedding tomorrow.  My cousin has been a firefighter for about 15 years and his wife sells skin care products with Arbonne.

I’ve been to Ruby Falls before, you take an elevator down quite a ways into a great big mountain and then you walk about a mile through a cave to a great big gigantic underground waterfall. The waterfall is pretty spectacular, but it’s really the journey that makes the whole excursion a lot of fun. It’s not exactly claustrophobic for your average person but if you suffer from claustrophobia I wouldn’t recommend it.

There’s also a number of other things in the Chattanooga area including an aquarium, which is somewhat hard to imagine since this is a landlocked little city, it does have a river but an aquarium is not something you’d normally expect.

It’s actually a fairly large aquarium and before the aquarium came to Atlanta, it was one of the larger ones in this area. Also around here we’ve got Rock City, which I have only driven through. 

It was closed the day I went there and unlike Chevy Chase, I couldn’t find a guard to threaten with a toy plastic gun to let me into the city and check it out. As best I could tell Rock City is basically a bunch of river rock’s that have been mortared or cemented together to form something of a cobblestone like city.

A Nice Place to Live

So as I’m driving through Chattanooga, I always have the same thought, I think this would be a nice place to live. I often times have similar impressions about Nashville, Tennessee. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to move anytime soon especially as I’m in the midst of a move from Atlanta to Charlotte, North Carolina.

However there is always something rather homey about Tennessee. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that a good portion of my ancestors moved from the East Coast through Tennessee and Kentucky on their way to Illinois and Missouri. Maybe it’s got something to do with my Cherokee ancestors that lived in the same region before Europeans came through.

Maybe there’s something coded into my system at the DNA level some sort of imprint, that it makes the whole area seem familiar, who knows maybe it’s even a past life type of thing.  I don’t know and I’m not really concerned about it, but I do feel it’s important to consider your impressions whether or not you’re dealing with a locale or even a person or group of people.

You don’t always know why you know what you know and sometimes it’s good to go with your gut.  Now that I mention it, that’s actually one of the reasons why I like mind mapping.  Its a skill that helps people diagram out their impressions and move from intuition to knowledge and action.

Regardless I probably won’t be setting up a homestead here in the area anytime soon. There’s no mortgages are realtors or mortgage life insurance salespeople in my future. This will remain for me at least to be an area that I continue to travel through and pass-through. It’s definitely a beautiful country even though it’s rather mountainous and hilly and probably not the best area for farmers to settle, which is why apparently my ancestors moved on to Illinois.