Here are some additional quotes from blog articles covering Dragon NaturallySpeaking recently. The first one starts off with a blog article about the David Pogue, New York Times review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. That video from David Pogue is exceptional, and really does get the point across as to just how good the software is. And so I’ve included a quick video review of that video, so that you can get an choose one here and at the end of the video you can click on a link to actually go to the New York Times video and see the real deal.

I watched the NY Times Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking with David Pogue and he does a lot of technical reviews on video so you can watch as he reviews the product. From the review he did you can tell that he really likes this product so that’s saying a lot. I watched some of the other product reviews he did and he tells you both the good and bad and all I heard was good with this product. I always like to get product reviews and recommendations before I buy something. This product even searches the web and types e-mail by voice command now that could save a lot of time. – Can You Type As Fast As You Talk? – Jude’s Eclectic Resources

The next bloggers talking about their intention to buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I can’t fault them for that conclusion because I bought it myself two years ago when it was on sale. It definitely helps me with my work, and I am not competitive enough to tell bloggers not to go do it because it might take away my business. The reality is that there is plenty of work to go around in the blogosphere.

I can see myself actually purchasing this product and using it. I blog daily, sometimes 4-5 times a day or more and Dragon Naturally Speaking would come in so handy for me, and probably any one who blogs as much as I do. – Dragon Naturally Speaking

The final quote I’m covering this from a person whose brother was severely injured in an accident and try Dragon NaturallySpeaking years ago. They actually had a positive experience all those years back, which is surprising for me because I don’t know of too many people that had a positive experience with Dragon NaturallySpeaking before version 7 or eight. Then again, maybe there are a few people that have the right type of computer that was working the software with the right amount of RAM and some other set up but I couldn’t quite afford eight years ago. Regardless, the quote does reinforce the concept that people that do not have the luxury of being able to type, or possibly people that have difficulty seeing a computer screen, or using a mouse or a host of other issues that could give them difficulties in working with a computer the way many people do, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can definitely increase the number of options that you have to interface with computer, whether you’re standing up, lying down, or literally moving all around.

Several years ago, my brother was paralyzed in a bicycle accident. He could not move his arms or legs. Soon after, he was moved to a hospital where they would help him to adapt to new ways of getting things done. One of the most interesting technologies that they used was speech recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I was amazed to see what could be done through using this software on a computer. Now, it’s about 8 years later and this software has come a long way. – Life With Rog: Typing At The Speed Of Your Voice

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