Last month I spent a couple weeks working on my finances.  Specifically I was working to consolidate some debts into some cheaper loans.  Every few months and sometimes even every few years I find it necessary to fine tune my finances, my debt, my credits, my investments in many other aspects of my life.  I am actively involved in managing my finances on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes I find it necessary to take a step back and look at the big picture and make some choices about the directions I will need to take to maximize my results.

So last month after letting things run for several months on their own without too many corrections and cores, I decided to make some moves to make some dramatic changes and improvements in the course of my finances.  These types of changes are never entirely easy however technology is making it easier these days.

In my situation, I consolidated several different types of loans with a larger loan at a lower interest rate and the longer-term.  This served to reduce the number of pills I have to pay every month, it saves me money and interest and it also reduces the amount of cash flows I “have to pay” every month.  Right now I’m in the middle of starting up a new business and I need and desire the flexibility of having lower monthly payments and fewer bills to pay.  Saving money was just a bonus but a very important bonus.

After consolidating loans, the new loan was supposed to send funds via a electronic wire three to the accounts that were being paid off.  Unfortunately the technology failed in this didn’t work.  So I had to take the funds and establish an online banking account to make payments from the larger accounts each of the smaller accounts paying them off.  This worked fine on two accounts but the wires got crossed on the third account and it took probably another two weeks to straighten out the ensuing mass from the technology going wrong when I was trying to fix the technology that previously gone wrong.

Murphy’s Law plays a very active role in both finances and in technology people looking to improve their finances shouldn’t be put off by the fact they could probably will run into complications along the way.  It’s still important to make those corrections and improvements in your finances regardless of how hard it is to fix things.  Take the strong medicine, it may not taste great but you be better for it.

I do a considerable amount of research on a daily weekly and monthly basis on finance.  I also happen to have a double major in finance and accounting and a Masters in tax law, but I always find new and useful information to either enlighten me or give me a new perspective on ways I can do things better.  What I’m trying to say is the matter how much you know or how much you done you can always make improvements and find good advice.

There are many resources online that can help you to find good advice.  You can easily find good advice on debt consolidation tips and you might even take a look at several of the specific articles including the article on understanding credit card statements. I am a trained accountant and I still run in the credit card statements sometimes it gives me pause and make me reread them two and sometimes three or four times to ensure that I truly understand what it is the credit card companies are trying to tell me and what they’re trying to hide from me.