p>The Forrester Group has brought out the Grinch for Apple this Christmas.  New studies by Forrester indicate that monthly iTunes purchases have declined by 58% and that the average checkout purchase size has dropped by 17%.

Forrester pondered with Reuters whether or not this was a seasonal decline or possibly the result of consumers who were starting to reach the saturation point.  No comparisons were made to the decline in overall record sales by the music industry throughout the year by Forrester who apparently missed that potential correllation.  Plus, the data may be hindered by historicals not reflecting future performance as the previous period measured had registered a sevenfold increase in sales.

  • So Apple could be in decline as iTunes are concerned, or
  • iTunes sales could be levelling out off their high as they define a new normal, or
  • iTunes may be suffering from a poor year for Records and Record sales, or
  • maybe Forrester is onto something and this decline may mark the beginning of a slow long-tail styled end reminiscent of the Sony Walkman.

With a half dozen major manufacturing players debuting products like the Microsoft Zune over the next 2 months, Apple may need to get on the iHorn and see if they can re-energize their sales efforts to maintain market dominance.

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