For everyone that has sent me emails offering tips on buying phones, PDA’s, smart phones and great coupon offers as a result of my article on how to MacGiver a Treo 600 with a Q-tip, I just wanted to say thank you.

Please do not fear.  My old finned Cadillac of a Treo will be replaced sometime soon.  I have been stalling for a couple reasons.(ok the list grew, there are seven, but the last couple are the most important)

First, I am moving from the Atlanta area to the Charlotte, NC area.  And I wanted to get moved before I made the switch.  I’ve been caught up in lots of move details, real estate contemplations, and other mundane tasks.

Second, I am probably going to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon Wireless, and that’s causing some angst.

  • T-Mobile only offers roaming networks in the Charlotte area and that makes checking voice mail a real pain.
  • T-Mobile has been a great service and I hate to give up a great service.
  • I wouldn’t touch At&t nor Sprint with a ten foot stylus as At&t robbed me blind several years ago, and Sprint fires their customers when Sprints customer service lines get worked to hard.
  • Verizon Wireless is the only major network left and we have family already on the network so it makes sense from that perspective.
  • I’m not crazy about the way Verizon layers service packages into their plans, so it feels like its going to cost a lot more.

Third, I?m going to import my existing telephone number to the new phone service and I suspect I will run into Murphy?s Law a few times when that takes place.

Fourth, Verizon has not released the new Palm Treo 755P nor the 800P and it?s unknown when they will release either of those. There are rumors that the 755P will come out any day now possibly tie the end of the month, but similar rumors were around two months ago. I?d hate to buy a 700 P. today and had to be outdated tomorrow literally.

Fifth, even if I can get a 755P, that doesn?t include a GPS chip and I would very much like to have the Verizon navigator service running on my next phone when I switched to Verizon. It is rumored that the 800P in the Treo lineup will include a built-in GPS service. So a combination of Verizon?s and Treo?s poor marketing and communications are preventing me from buying anything.

Sixth, Verizon wireless sells the 700P for $359 and the store and $259 online. The 755P sells for $200 at Sprint, and there are rumors of the price point will be the same at Verizon. I would definitely not like to spend more for an outdated model that Verizon.

Seventh, there are $200 blackberries that have all of the capabilities of what the 800 P. is rumored to have, however I don?t want to learn a new operating system with the Blackberry. I?ve been using Palm Treos since the year 2000 and I don?t really feel like learning a new operating system today. I have learned a lot of operating systems over the years, and learning an extra one just for the hell of it doesn?t really get me excited anymore.