SmartMoney provided an indepth account of the situation at Echo Star owner of Dish Networks. Last week a judge upheld a jury decision in favor of TiVo that was rendered last April.  TiVo requested an injunction to force Dish Network to shut down their DVR service within 30 days.

Echo Star, the company that owns Dish network, fired back with a request to stay that injunction, and so now TiVo has to provide a response today. 

Echo Star claimed that if it shut down its DVR service it might lose customers permanently.  As much of 25 percent of its customers are DVR fanatics.

Its expected that TiVo will soon set its sights on many other companies that have participated in the production of DVR’s using technology that TiVo claims.

The list of follow on lawsuits could include companies that make or provide set top boxes and DVR’s, such as:

  • Motorola
  • Cisco Systems
  • Charter Communications
  • Time Warner
  • Scientific Atlanta

and possibly more.