Microsoft is considering offering discounts or promotions for its new operating systems Windows Vista during the upcoming 2006 holiday shopping season. The operating system is not supposed to be ready for distribution until January of 2007.
The offering might offer Microsoft a chance to grab some of the available to spend holiday dollars before they are gone and will create some early momentum for the actual distribution launch in January.
Microsoft is talking with retailers and PC manufacturers about the potential for offerings. One obvious obstacle to overcome is the problem of decreasing PC sales loaded with a soon to be outdated operating system. Retailers will have a difficult time selling them and manufacturers of PC’s will not want to offer stock balancing to retailers timed with a calendar year end result, which could severely disrupt financial statements for everyone involved.
However, if Microsoft can offer let say an offer where a PC buyer receives a certificate for a free or discounted upgrade when the upgrade disk is available, it might help to push sales even further.
The hidden problem however will be the hook that troubles many PC consumers.

The new Vista hardware requirements!

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