I’m working on my third day using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Today I’ve been getting better at using a digital recorder in conjunction with dragon.  I can record anything on my digital recorder, transfer the wave file over to my computer, and use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcription capability to convert it into text.

Keep The Recording Rate High Enough to Transcribe

I’ve used a digital recorder for quite a few years for lots of different purposes.  In the past, I always used the lowest compression method of proximally 16 kB per second.  This allowed me to maximize the amount of recording time I can get on a memory card.

The quality is just fine for my purposes at this recording rate.  However, recently after I’ve started use Dragon NaturallySpeaking I’ve learned that if I use a higher compression rate 43 kb or higher fat dragon can then transcribe the sound files I make with my digital recorder automatically.

This is extremely convenient now. I can take my voice notes transcribe them into text and they can be searched through various different search tools on my computer, such as Google desktop. 

Don’t Forget the Punctuation

The only downside is that if I want to utilize Dragon NaturallySpeaking I need to remember to make my voice notes with punctuation such as, saying the word ‘Period’ or ‘Coma’. 

I’m truthfully very amazed at just how well this system and software works with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  When I was attempting to do research on the product, several of the reviews led me to believe that the digital recorder device might not be compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It’s now my experience with one device, but as long as you’re wave compression rate is high enough to probably be okay.

Potential Usage

With this capability I can write a paper or an e-mail or dozens of e-mails.  I can read an e-mail that comes in on my phone and I can respond to it in full without having to type my thumbs into nubs.  I can respond by a voice file. 

I can then transfer it to my computer and convert it to transcribed text. Then I can copy paste it into e-mail and send it back.  This may not work for every short little e-mail.  However in those cases were an important e-mail comes in on my phone and a short response won’t work, I can give it a detailed response, while the topic is fresh in my mind.

Hands Free Phone Microphone

Now I just need to find a hands-free microphone for my phone, and I could write lengthy e-mails while driving.