Business 2.0 writes a great review of and founder Kevin Rose (formerly of Tech TV-Business 2.0 picture ->Right ).

Kevin is quoted in the article as he describes his premise by stating, “My idea was to start a news website where you would give complete control to the community, a site where users could submit stories that would fall into a general queue, and if they were popular enough–if they got enough ‘diggs’ [user endorsements]–they would be promoted to the homepage for everyone to see.”

Digg has grown from a 12,000 user group in its firts 4 months to a 180,000 user group, and a rumored Yahoo takeover target. Why?

Digg noted that popular sites of 2004 (Slashdot-Community ratings) & (MySpace – Social networking) & ( – Tags to let users categorize stories) all offered up great components, which Digg has attempted to incorporate into a news feed and aggregation service where the users provide news items which are rate by the community or a mob of 180,000 editors which based on the movement or trend of the masses, help to identify what’s at the top of the news, and from the flipside the tool lets you dig into which stories are being lost or buried in the background.

Digging up the news – Mar. 27, 2006