Hitachi Unveils Security Robot on Wheels – Yahoo! News

Current Robot designs may not be pretty, and may not be terribly functional but they seem to be improving. Designers and engineers and scientists are working to make use of the concept of a robot for the masses. Hitachi’s effort is aimed towards business applications, specifically a type of unarmed security guard with a red button nose. Picture a roaming video camera on wheels (or just click on the hyperlink).

What will it take for people to ad a robot to their gadget collection? Roomba was a start, maybe security is next.

When appliances were still relatively a new concept a Sears washing machine was a big deal. Today, I’d personally kill for a robot that could separate my dirty laundry, wash and dry it, fold it and put it away.

I’d settle for a robot that folds laundry however.

Everyone has a chore that gets on their nerves, what would you like to alleviate from your life and have a robot step in and take over?
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