I’m still working through my first impressions of the new MindManager 8.  In general, it is a little more than an evolutionary move forward for Mindjet. The player makes it possible for a person creating a mindmap to publish the mindmap in an interactive fashion on the internet or in a pdf file.

You can see an excellent demonstration of this by Andrew Wilcox of Cabre.


One thing that strikes me as a simple player upgrade that would be beneficial, enabling users to view the player in full screen mode.  Ergo, push a button, and view the player temporarily outside of the web page it is located on, like you can with a YouTube video player (and many other video services).  Obviously Adobe supports this functionality, and I’m going to dig into the possibility of creating this option manually in the code.


I’m also curious to test the system to see how it might work with my Western Digital external hard drive.  I’ve recently been working to push all of my data and maps to a central storage system, that I can access via the web.  I’m curious how those relative and permanent hyperlinks in a player map might work hosted essentially on one of these drives.