It almost sent a substitute teacher to prison for forty years, when it triggered an endless number of pop ups that were displayed in front of a classroom of seventh graders.

Prosecutors initially relied on faulty evidence from an investigator to convice Julie Amero a 40 year old substitute teacher on four counts of risk of injury to a minor.

It was only after her conviction in January after a 4 year legal battle that security experts and bloggers came to her rescue forcing the disclosure of evidence that her computer was infected with spyware that caused pop-ups.

She was granted a new trial and the prosecutors have indicated that they will not move forward with that new trial. 

The problem is that she has lost four years of her life fighting this problem, four years of legal bills. four years of slander against her reputation.  All of this due to Pop Up Porn from spyware.

Something like this could easily happen to almost anyone that works with minors, but it could also create serious problems for anyone whether they are at work in an office or even in the privacy of their own home, where their own children happen to witness a bombardment of pop up porn hell bombs.

Please do scan and clean your computer, but remember at the end of the day, anyone is still susceptible.  To me this means that prosecutors and the public at large has to become a little more tolerant of the fact that we are all victims of this software.

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