This next article probably couldn’t provide more difference in the perspectives, but they all revolve around Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. What’s possibly more amazing, these perspectives that I found as other bloggers discuss Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, or actually areas that I had either tried myself or seen other people do.

I’ve taken Dragon NaturallySpeaking and loaded up my laptop in a car, and then I drove down the road and I wrote a number of articles and e-mails while I drove.

I didn’t even have a car accident!


It’s probably actually safer to have someone else be your designated driver while you are writing with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I have tried typing on my computer, while someone else drove, and I typically find that I get very carsick when I do this. I’m not terribly prone to car sickness, but it is a nasty thing to experience on a long road trip, especially when you have work to get done.

But you can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and you don’t have to look at your computer screen as much, you don’t even have to face your keys, and this helps reduce the disorientation and sense of imbalance that can come with typing or reading a computer screen while you’re the passenger in a car.

You know what I was thinking today? We were riding in the car and I was thinking about how great it would be if I could get some posts done while I was in the car. I have several reviews that I need to do and one that is even  overdue. And I hate being late. So, it would be just great if I could work on my blogging while we were in the car. Why can’t I? Because in about 30 seconds I would be car sick. I get car sick very easily. If I look down to  pick something up off of the floor I am immediately dizzy. So I can’t type in the car. – Look Mom- No Hands!

Probably one of the coolest things I’ve considered along with many other bloggers, is the concept of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 to help capture some of your family oral history. Many people often lament the lack of documentation of the stories that their parents and grandparents and great grandparents knew and told. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it could be very easy and practical to capture some of your family’s oral history and save it in great detail for the posterity of your own family.

Even in my own family, which is a fairly extended large family, when we hear a story from one of our elders, it’s not always the same story that someone else in the family may have heard. Using a tool that enabled you to capture the different versions, and even the very different stories across the family could significantly help to capture a true history of your family is different faces in different situations inspire people to remember things, to remember those stories, and to remember those important things in life.

I want to get our family history written down this would be great I can have all the aunts and uncles sit down with the computer and tell their life stories and the computer would write everything down for me. – Amazing Dragon Naturally Speaking!

I am not much of a cook myself, but I do appreciate good cooking. And as I write this, I’m thinking about the context of the last section of this blog article as it related to family history. When I first read this comment about jotting down recipes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. As you literally create those recipes, I thought that was a good idea.

It’s a running joke in our family that if you really like something I’ve made, you better enjoy it now because I don’t know if I can ever make it again. My husband will cringe and ask; “Uh, did you happen to write this one  down?” Many times I do, sometimes I don’t.

What would be perfect for a avid cook/baker like me would be to have my own little personal assistant sitting next to me in the kitchen typing out my instructions and my list of ingredients as I go about my merry way  mixing and mashing and blending and baking. I could call out “A teaspoon of vanilla. A quarter teaspoon of almond extract” and she/he would copy it down for me. Not only would this help me when I’m tweaking my  latest and greatest culinary creation but it would save the damage to my computer that flour dust and food particles spilled in between the keys do.


As futuristic as it sounds, there actually is an assistant that can do just this, but I wouldn’t have to feed them, pay them or give them bathroom breaks nor a Christmas gift. As a matter of fact it could be a Christmas gift to  myself! It’s the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard and is simply… amazing. – No More Flour in My Keyboard?

Then I thought about recipes in the context of family history, and I thought of all the great recipes and methodologies that could’ve been captured, and in some cases still can be captured using a tool that helps you to record someone’s notes and thoughts as they go through the process of making that perfect blueberry pie, or that amazing apple cobbler, or even simple things like scrambled eggs.

My great great grandmother used to wake up and cook breakfast for 57 people on a wood stove, Every day! That’s just amazing, and you can imagine she had some interesting stories to tell and recipes to share and she sure as hell didn’t worry about ‘exercise’ or the ‘best diet pills’ she was out there chopping wood, and collecting eggs, and milking cows and a lot more just to prepare that breakfast!

The important concept to understand here is that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 in many ways is a tool that is still changing the way we look at work. It might seem like a lot of work to write down a recipe or even type one up. But when you can literally speak to recipe out loud while you’re making something, and have your recipe documented, the efficiency level skyrockets and the feeling that you are doing difficult work, or something that is time-consuming evaporates.

Where else could you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to make your life easier, more productive, or just share important knowledge for the people that are important in your life?

I don’t know the answer that question, but I suspect we will be figuring that out for the next couple decades, as we learn how to adapt this tool to its best usage.

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