We’ll Convert your Parallax Pro powered site to the NEW Divi Theme for a starting price of $250!

The Offer!

Divi Theme +

Conversion Work for $250

Confersion work for $199 through End of November #BlackFriday/Cyber Monday special!!!

  • Have Parallax Pro from StudioPress but feeling limited?
  • Want a theme with an integrated page builder, a/b testing and more?
  • Want access to all sorts of page templates to use on pages or posts?
  • Want to save on the Divi Theme AND have a Pro install it?


Goal – Want to convert and migrate 10-20 websites running Parallax Pro and get them running on Divi from Elegant themes.

Which sites are eligible for Parallax Pro to Divi Theme Conversions?

Sites with the 5 Standard sections of Parallax Pro running setup, installed and currently active will be eligible.

What will we do?

We’ll convert your site over into the Divi Them for a flat fee of $250. This will include the installation of the Divi theme using our developer’s license!

Plus, we’ll include the installation of the Divi Booster plugin.

Not Familiar with Divi?

Includes installation of the Divi Theme through our Developer Membership + Divi Booster(extra $19 value!)

Value – Membership costs of these services range from $69+19 to $89+19 in the first year

… and that doesn’t include setting up the layouts and converting from a Widget-powered homepage to a module-powered homepage & more!

Divi Theme Installed + Old Parallax Pro Theme converted to Divi layout

We do that for you!

We will convert the content running in each of the parallax sections (powered by widgets in Parallax Pro) over to static modules in Divi which will give you drag and drop page layout design options on both your future home page AND on every page and post on your website.

Ready to sit back and have your site converted from Parallax Pro to Divi?


What does the Parallax to Divi Conversion Include?
  • Installation and activation of Divi theme using Softduit’s Developer license.
  • Access to Divi Theme updates via Softduit’s license for as long as Softduit represents client.
  • We will not perform the updates for you unless you are interested in signing up for one of our maintenance plans which would be separate and extra.
  • Installation of Divi Booster Plugin with Softduit’s developer license
  • Conversion of up to 5 Parallax Pro theme ‘Sections’ which are powered by Widgets in the Parallax Pro theme environment, converted into an actual Home page with 5 identical or as close to identical sections as is possible in Divi.
What does this one time service NOT include:
    • Custom php coding
    • Custom CSS
    • Installation of fonts

    If you know you have some of these items in your current Parallax Pro installation, then your site may not be the best candidate for this project. We’re looking for standard installs initially. We’d be happy to help you in a regular working relationship anytime.

Our Purpose in Offering this great theme migration deal!

We need to test our conversion process for this to tune it up, speed it up and insure that our future projects working with other clients include time estimates that are rock solid. We have done this conversion work many times, but not enough times to offer it in a hard estimate.

We like to offer estimates whose price does not change after the work starts. To do this, we need to know exactly how long it takes us to do the work.

We expect that many of these conversions that we will do for $250 would normally cost clients $400-600 if we billed them hourly during the first few projects. We need to tighten stuff up with this new theme and become more efficient. So we are offering essentially a big discount on our normal rates.

Plus, we have done so much work with Parallax Pro themes in years past that we do believe this process has room to improve!

Can I have more work done than just this?

We did mention ‘starting prices’ above. In general, we’d be happy to work with new clients who need help with WordPress powered sites.

For this project, we really only want to charge $250 and be done with it. However, there may be a couple of you that have other pages or sections on your current Parallax Pro setups minimal extra work, maybe a page layout on a non home page or something.

If you need us to convert or customize any other pages out of whatever plugin or custom coding they are in now into something more main stream via Divi, that would be extra. But we want to emphasize that we do not want to do much of this in this program. We mostly want to focus on the core straight up, basic conversions!

We would be happy to discuss scoping other projects separately!

Want us to install Divi and the Booster so you can do the work yourself?