Palm unveiled the Treo 680. This is not a 700 or even a 750. Think of it more as how Palm would have made the 650 if they could go back in time and reinvent it. Kind of like a Ford Shelby GT or something.

The Treo 680 has color! I’m not talking about a color screen (that’s been around for years). Nope its the case that’s colorful this time. Taking a note maybe from some of the Handsrping roots, Palm is offering up four different colors.
Palm Treo 680 in Graphite, Copper, Arctic and Crimson colors

The Treo 680 has a few other remarkable features. It has no exterior antenna. It now also works with Google Maps thanks to a recent made for mobile version of Google Maps set up for the Palm OS. It runs Bluetooth 1.2 and allows multiple connections. It can even function as a modem for your laptop, giving you wireless capability where ever you have a cell phone connection (Its not always fast but access is access).

And for us Bloggers, this Treo works with Typepad, which might give me both the incentive to switch to Typepad and to upgrade from my Treo 600.

Now for the Blackberry fans in the audience that will quickly say that Blackberry’s don’t have antenna’s already. Let me just mention that Treo’s get good reception. It’s one thing to hide or chop off the antenna, but if the unit doesn’t get good cellular reception what’s the point?

Differences between 680 and 7xx series
The Big difference appears to be the absence of a WiFi capability, the color, and the 680 is supposed to be thinner than all current Treo’s. So obviously, this unit may not be the work horse of a 700, but will appeal to a wider user base, especially to mobile bloggers.

If correct, it also will ship with a 1GB Sd card.

Oh and it has a removable battery! (One of those little things that is always very important in a pinch)

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