ClustrMaps came to my attention last week. ClustrMaps provides a small Icon displaying a map of the world. Within the map, the geographic location of visitors to a website or blog are tracked. It’s a visually powerful tool that quickly gathers information from visitors ot websites from locations around the world.

A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case maybe worth several worlds. By clicking on the picture, the viewer can go to the URL for ClustrMaps where a larger representation allows a bigger view of the world including plots of the locations of various visitors.

Red dots pinpoint the location and the larger the dot, the larger the number of visitors or impressions from that corner of the Earth.

The service is free if a site has visitors totalling less than 2500 visits per DAY (correction original aricle stated ‘per month’ actually ‘per DAY!’). There is a $9.99 per year fee for sites with visitors up to 25,000 visitors per DAY(correction original aricle stated ‘per month’ actually ‘per DAY!’). Then for sites with daily visitors totalling 100k – 10m, ClustrMaps will quote a price and display one publicly this quarter sometime. (See Products at ClustrMaps for more details. )

Another interesting twist is that with the paid version, users are provided the ability to zoom to a continent and view hits by country or (states and provinces in North America).

There are a number of reviews available from ClustrMaps or from