I was looking for a fast and simple tool to perform word counts on text that I write in Windows Live Writer. For no good reason Windows Live Writer does not have a word count capability, so I am forever copying text from Live Writer, opening Word, pasting, hitting tools, yada yada yada.

I need something that performs the count in Windows Live Writer.  I went to and searched on Word Count and came up with ClipCount 2.0 (third in the search results).


I downloaded the 30 day trial, installed it.  I paused at the suggestion that I close all programs before installing.  Ignored that as I looked at my 15 open programs with multiple windows on the web pages open too.

The install went just fine.

The program launched and I picked the evaluate button to try the trial.  This launched a help file and I thought I was in trouble, but I was wrong.  🙂

How It Works

Its so simple its beautiful.  You highlight somewords, hit control+C, and a quick little pop up window displays

  1. your word count
  2. characters with spaces
  3. characters without spaces
  4. Number of lines

And then it dissapears.  It was perfect.  I just hit a hot key and boom I have my answer, no jockeying between windows with words or running through a dozen menu options.

here is the word Count Screen view for this article:


Negative Side

The only negatives that I see with the product are as follows:

You can not right click and select copy with your mouse.  only control c launches the count on the text in the clipboard.

You have to pay money for this.


I think I am going to get a lot of use out of this in the next thirty days.  It only costs $15, but I am pretty cheap, so we will see.  If it doesn’t get buggy on me, I will probably buy it!

It gets my endorsement out of the Box.  I’ll provide another review in 30 days.