After attending CES for several years, you would think that I would have a better handle on the planning side of this event.  I have exhibited and attended as a sales person and even attended as a journalist.  I have managed the setup and design of booths and contracts with the CEA, but every year I always seem to neglect my travel arrangements.

This year is no different and as I approach Christmas I still have a plan for where I’m going, when I’m going, or which hotels in Vegas or even to be on the top of my list this year.

I have no problems in setting up meetings and ensuring that I have a productive stay at CES, but I just can’t seem to bring out the inner travel agent in myself.  I typically book most of my stuff through Expedia, or these days and even sometimes go directly to the hotels themselves to book a room.

But I never feel like I got the best deal, and all of the other arrangements are much easier and a much more natural fit for my personality. 

We can do a lot of things on the Internet these days, but I suspect that some of us despite all of the ala carte do-it-yourself type of options that are out there, you might be better off in the hands of capable professionals that specialize in the aspects of life that we have severe weaknesses.  For me, that’s booking travel arrangements and phone menus. 


If you’re going to CES this year, please drop me a line and I’d love to come to meet up with you somewhere at the show.