The battle over the bulge has moved away from focusing on celluloid and started focusing on cellular. Motorola led the pack with the introduction of the Razr and its recent fight to get the Slvr (pronounced sliver) to market on time. Samsung announced today the introduction of of a phone to one up the Slvr in thickness.

Samsung to sell thinnest cellphone in the US – Yahoo! News: “candy-bar-shaped t509 phone is 9.8 millimeters thick, which makes it thinner than the 11.5-millimeter Slvr, a sibling of the clamshell Razr.”

Its 1.7 millimeter’s will give Samsung bragging rights, but at a usability cost. The phone doesn’t have a camera.

It would appear that Samsung in its fight to keep up with Motorola on Phat has seemed to forgot the lesson that Samsung taught Motorola just a few years ago. Camera’s are now a requirement of any cell phone. A phone without a camera is no longer considered a phone. By the end of the year the less will be a phone without an MP3 player is not a phone and by the end of 2007, the lesson will be a phone that’s not a smart phone with access to high speed networks is not a phone. After that geeks can only anticipate the onset of all the glory that was promised to be in the cell phone industry for the last year, as broad band cometh.

Samsung can be fast, however, and they are projecting a Q2 2006 launch date as compared to Motorola’s launch date of Q3 2006. If either manufacturer slips on a launch date it will be fodder for the first entrant to the market, but even more perilous would be a slip that misses a Christmas date.

Disclaimer. The author of this article holds 50 shares of Motorola stock.