As part of my series to reach out and gain more perspective on possible applications or in this case benefits from using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I received a little feedback from people that offered a couple amusing health benefits. 

I’m positive that these are not true product claims by any stretch of the imagination but there might be something to the breathing aspect . . . Let me know what you think (would more talking be better for your lungs?  Its good for child development, I’m not sure about adult maintenance though . . )

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

Now, this first little quote below is definitely one that I can relate to.  I’m in my late thirties and finally starting to experience some hair loss.  By family standards I’m about twenty years late to the game, so I have nothing to complain about.


I am imagining the time I’d save with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard. Not to mention the hair on my head that would be saved from being pulled out everytime I make yet another typo – Save Your Hair with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Then again, I personally don’t have too many typos myself (although I get more than enough comments on my blog reminding me of the mistakes I do make! – Please keep them coming, I’d rather correct them than leave them broken).

But that leads me directly to one of the comments that definitely resonated with me in more ways than one.  When I first picked up Dragon, I had been working behind a computer for at least 10 years.  I have had a great deal of vocal experience throughout my life and even made a living in sales at one stage of my life, relying on my voice for a pay check.

Ten years later however, I was rusty.  I felt like I became tongue tied easier, more um’s and ah’s had slipped into my speech and I was dropping (forgetting) names left and right. 

So here is the quote that reminded me of this . . .


I’m a pro blogger and I spend 6-10 hours sitting in front of my pc working silently. There is no one who will disturb me and the same way, no one to talk. But talking less is not healthy and will  lead you to a un-healthy status and to a status of having a lack of talking skills. This is why I try my best to talk and talk loud with different people around me. The more you talk, the more you  can breath and can live a healthy life. – BlogKori: Dragon -for business, for health

Now, I can definitely say that after using Dragon for almost two years, I feel like I have significantly reduced and possibly eliminated um’s and ahs from my speech.  I’m not using a verbal keylogger to track and flag these sounds, but I do pay attention and think they are reduced if not gone. I do not get tongue tied as much, but I still have problems with names.  :)  Guess I’m getting older….

Anyway, I do think that the verbal judo I engage in now with Dragon Naturally Speaking has helped me.  I’m not sure if my lung capacity has improved or if I’m healthier, but I’m speaking better.

That then points to one of the last quotes that I kind of view as something I can’t quite relate to yet, but I’m trying.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is used at my husband’s place of employment. They use it for medical dictation and integrate it with their practice management software. This allows for quicker dictation enabling the doctors to see  more patients. – A Fil-Am Journey: NATURALLY SPEAKING

Now, I am not a doctor, but I can definitely understand the need to document things accurately, in a timely fashion and without a lot of wasted effort.

Here’s the thing.  I’ve used the preferred version and find that it works very very accurately with medical terms (I’ve tested this extensively actually).  I can’t quite see spending $900 for the ‘medical’ version when the preferred version would seem to cover that.  I’ve yet to hear from an actual doctor that has used both so that I could hear how much better the medical version of dragon might be from the Preferred version.  There may be some other value added component that I have missed, maybe a special mobile feature, or a networked solution or something, but I’ll wait and see on that one….

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