Things have moved along in California courts recently and many Californians will receive vouchers from Microsoft (that can be redeemed for cash). The typical voucher may be as much as $100 but a person, business or school might receive more than one voucher or vouchers totalling more depending on how much Microsoft Software they purchased.

Of course Windows Vista is set to roll out in January, and its likely that Microsoft will see that money roll right back in again before too long.

So maybe this program (similar to settlements recently from Google to its advertisers) will be more like a discount or coupon offering. Here Mr/Mrs. Ex-Customer, here is $100 oh and by the way now that we are no longer a monopoly ;o Please buy our new software!

Now the planets didn’t align in the courts due to disputes amongst the classholders receiving funds, but I find it a little more than coincidental that the price of XP at retail is around $300 and the expected price of Vista will be $450.

Hmmm $450 – $300 = $150 – $100 claim => Leaves $50 per box for legal bills and lobbyists!

Microsoft Vista price Microsof Settlement