Broadband Reports offers up an intriguing synopsis of the current state of efforts to bring streaming video from a PC or Mac to your TV or Cable box/TiVo. Standards of course are still racing to converge and each manufacturer is working to try and get a jump on the market. This report lists the current state of things.

“As we mentioned Monday, there’s a push from hardware vendors like Netgear & D-Link to provide consumers with devices that can stream the content they’ve downloaded from their PC to their living room, stunted in part by the delay of getting the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard to market. Apple meanwhile promises their iTV service will do the same thing starting in 2007, and Microsoft offers their solution now with their Xbox 360 Media Extender. There’s obviously a slew of home-brew options available as well, from modding a first-gen Xbox to MythTV – but the real money will be made by offering a simple device aimed at Joe User.    More of this article

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